WHAT WE DO AS YOUR WATCHMENAt MyWatchmen, We Have Your Back.

OUR MERCHANT ACCOUNT ANALYSIS (M.A.A.™)Missing out on revenue streams? Not on our watch.

We understand your time is better spent conducting your business. Our proprietary M.A.A.™ reveals opportunities within your Merchant Account which typically go unnoticed. Our time-proven methods consistently yield strong financial returns which add to your bottom line without changing your processor.

Our M.A.A.™ reviews the contract in order to:

REVEAL HIDDEN FEESHidden merchant fees costing your business thousands? Not On Our Watch.

We have found many companies have overpaid thousands of dollars in hidden fees. Our in-depth pricing analysis helps you understand where your payments processor may be over charging you and uncover opportunities to increase your bottom line.

PROVIDE CHARGEBACK SUPPORTChargebacks wreaking havoc on your bottom line? Not on our watch.

Fighting a chargeback successfully depends on multiple factors: fraud, how the transaction was processed, the merchant’s refund policy, product quality and customer service. We review your policies and contracts and implement on-going solutions to help prevent a loss of revenue.

SECURE YOUR MERCHANT ACCOUNTDealing with security breaches? Not on our watch.

We provide a detailed security analysis of the current environment, and a clear path forward to help you create a strong infrastructure of comprehensive protection. We can connect you with other products to give you more security and help you understand if you are at risk of any potential credit card data breaches.


  • 1. Discover

    This is where we dive deep into understanding your existing Merchant Account setup, to uncover opportunities to increase your bottom line.

  • 2. Plan

    Our experts create and present a strategy to achieve your goals and make your Merchant Account more efficient. After we present our strategy we answer any questions you have and can further customize our services to suit the needs of your business.

  • 3. Execute

    We act as an extension of your business, a true ally, and execute the strategy and call vendors on your behalf to question terms, reduce rates and uncover revenue opportunities.

    These three steps have added over $1,035,775.30 to our clients’ bottom lines.

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