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Our time-proven Mercant Account Analysis (M.A.A.™) is a simple 3 step process where we Analyze your merchant statements, create a Strategy to help you maximize your revenue and continually Optimize your merchant account so you save time.

Best part is we only get paid when we help you increase your revenue.

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How the 4 Pillars of Merchant Support Help You


Your merchant account rates are guaranteed to increase within a three year period. It’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when. MyWatchmen negotiates your rates with your existing merchant account on your behalf to ensure you get the best rates available and lock it.

Hidden Price and Cost Increases Costing You Thousands? Not On Our Watch.


PCI compliance is probably the last thing on your mind when running a business; but if you’re not compliant, it can cost you big time. Failing to meet PCI standards for compliance could cost your business between $5,000 and $500,000 per breach in penalties. Plus, you could be at risk of having your merchant account shut down or placed on the Visa/MasterCard Terminated Merchant File, making it challenging to obtain another merchant account for several years.

Afraid of Getting Slapped With a Heavy Fine? Not On Our Watch.


After working with thousands of business owners, we see many of them leaving thousands of dollars on the table every single year. Often times cardholders don’t give the merchant a chance to resolve the issue or determine if fraud occurred or not. We help you to put in a time-proven process to correctly fight chargebacks and collect what is rightfully yours.

Chargebacks Costing You Thousands and Eating Up Your Time? Not On Our Watch.


Your payment processing system is the life line of your business. If it goes down, so does your ability to collect payments. No one likes calling customer support and having to wait for hours to find a solution to your problem. At MyWatchmen, we are very well versed in merchant account and payment processing systems and our team is standing by to help you resolve your issues quickly. Why waste time on hold for hours when you can have a Watchmen standing by?

Technology Problems Keeping You From Running Your Business? Not On Our Watch.

How It Works

Our time-proven merchant protection and optimization solutions ensures you maximize your profits with your existing merchant account and payment system.

Our best rate and compliance guarantees ensure you lock in your best rates and will never be hit with hidden fees and fines.

At MyWatchmen, We Have Your Back.


We Save You Time And Maximize Your Revenue

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